“America Can’t Afford Good Healthcare: It Must Be GREAT” – Read Mike Farris’ Byline in Becker’s

March 2, 2017

“America Can’t Afford Good Healthcare: It Must Be GREAT” – Read Mike Farris’ Byline in Becker’s

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Grow Article

Navvis Chairman and CEO Mike Farris recently authored an article for Becker’s Hospital Review. An excerpt is below.

America can’t afford good healthcare: It must be GREAT


Written by Mike Farris, Chairman and CEO of Navvis | March 02, 2017

“Good is the enemy of great.

Say it with me. Good. Is the enemy. Of great.

Those of you who have heard of author and business expert Jim Collins, and have read his book Good to Great, will recognize this idea. But do you act on it?

Look at our schools. Look at our infrastructure. Wherever you look, across crucial sectors of American society, you will see the same problem. We settle for good, when we should be striving for great.

American healthcare is good. But compare statistics on mortality rates, chronic condition prevalence and expenditure with the rest of the world, and it’s clear that our healthcare system is far from great.

Our country is $20 trillion in debt and the largest expense in our unsustainable budget is paying for, you guessed it, good healthcare. Let’s be clear. Good healthcare is not good enough. Our healthcare must be great.

Can we achieve great healthcare? I say yes.

Fall In Love With the Problem, Not the Solution

What is the problem in healthcare?

Uri Levine, the founder of Waze, and Marc Randolph, the founder of Netflix, have an idea that we have adopted across our organization. To have a truly transformational impact you must fall in love with the problem, not the so-called solutions. In healthcare, we can’t even see what the problem is.

Billions of dollars have flowed into our industry to solve problems. Is our problem a need for bigger investments in technology? We’ve got the best technology money can buy. Is our problem a lack of data or too little analysis? Our predictive models are the best in the world. Maybe if we could just get better physician and patient engagement?

Solutions for all these problems, and a whole host more, are already for sale in the healthcare marketplace. But these solutions are not addressing the real problem, and certainly aren’t taking us on a transformational journey to great healthcare.”

Please visit Becker’s Hospital Review to read the article in its entirety: http://www.beckershospitalreview.com/hospital-management-administration/america-can-t-afford-good-healthcare-it-must-be-great.html