Growth & Diversification

Investing for true differentiation and market advantage.

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We partner with your organization to provide breakaway strategies, and execute them with a world-class delivery platform — winning requires both.


Start with the right strategy and execute on it with a flexible and comprehensive platform.

Strategic Opportunities

We identify key areas where the most opportunity exists in your market, focusing on Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial populations.

Payment Models

We define the right financial construct to manage populations:

  • Bundles
  • ACO
  • ACM 
  • MA
  • Fee For Service

Physicians + Networks

We align providers to deliver high-performance networks:

  • Acute Care
  • Post-Acute
  • Specialty
  • Community

Care Delivery

We deploy the right capabilities to deliver on contracted measures/metrics: 

  • Pre-Acute
  • Acute
  • Post-Acute

Growth Services Organization

Through our Growth Services Organization we provide a flexible and comprehensive platform to deliver results with the right combination of strategy, execution, and technology.


  • Growth
  • Diversification
  • Value Generation


  • Expert Operations
  • Governance
  • Leadership


  • Existing Tools
  • Navvis Solutions
  • Best-of-Breed

Navvis delivers the right STRATEGY and the right EXECUTION

supported by the right TECHNOLOGY.


Meeting your unique needs.

Step 1: Assess/Design

The design phase maps out the journey from your current state to the future state, and designs a solution that will enable your organization to take advantage of the most strategic opportunities in your market, prioritizing how they should be executed.

Step 2: Build

With a solid and mutually-aligned design in place, we build and implement using a proven approach.

Step 3: Manage/Optimize

100% accountable. With our goals and outcomes aligned we continually manage the solution and drive unmatched performance.

Are You Ready to Grow?

Is your organization ready to have volume-based growth and value-based performance?

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“Over the past several years Navvis has been our thought and implementation partner on the most innovative and challenging initiatives on our agenda. Based on the success of this work, we are moving forward with Navvis as our partner in the continued design, build and management of our redefined health plan. From ideation through research through consultation through implementation to management, Navvis has been and will be an essential partner in our continued growth and success.”

Mike Gold