We Believe People Deserve Better

So, we developed a better, more relevant healthcare solution with better, more life-enhancing results.

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A Convenient, Humane, Connected, All-Encompassing Experience

Responding to How People Really Live Their Lives Day In and Day Out

Multi-channel and multi-modal


A system where people truly feel cared for

Addressing Social Determinants:

Food, transportation, and loneliness


Focused on what matters most to each person

Personalized Experience:

Molded around each person’s needs

Real-Person Care

A New Way of Approaching Healthcare,
Grounded in Patient, Not System Needs

Real-Person Care

A New Way of Approaching Healthcare,
Grounded in Patient, Not System Needs

Reflecting the real-life challenges people have when managing their health

People Have Overlapping Needs

Traditional programs narrowly assign care based on type and severity of condition, without accounting for the complex, overlapping needs people have each day. We recognize that people are complex, and their needs fit into multiple categories at once. Real-Person Care removes redundancy and duplication, and addresses the individual, not defined categories or conditions.

Real-Life Is Not Linear

Traditional programs do things to people and assume that everybody follows the same path, the same way with little to no deviation. Our personalized approach does things for people and centers on each person’s healthcare goals and accounts for the ups and downs that make up our unique journeys through life.

Seamless and Coordinated

Our Team-Based Care Model

Navvis’ team-based care model pulls in everyone that supports a person and keeps them on the same page with updated data, information, and communication so that nothing gets dropped or missed.

Physician engagement is core to our person-centric care model. From initial stratification to ongoing clinical outreach, we work closely to coordinate care with physicians to ensure their expert hand is always guiding the individual’s care journey.

Connecting the entire care team: primary care physicians, specialists, caregivers, family members, social workers, school nurses, and other individuals important to each person are dynamically connected into each person’s care plan through an easy-to-use, shared application.

Continuous, Not Static

The Centralized Care Command Center
Advanced Data Integration and Analytics

Connecting, organizing, analyzing, and reporting on data from all sources, including: claims, EHR, ADT feeds, biometrics, labs, and remote patient monitoring devices, to inform effective and timely population health management.

Continuous Stratification

Highly-tuned stratification models for the entire population that change when any health status or risk factor is updated, and that initiate automated processes and workflows to ensure appropriate support is delivered.

Dynamic Observation

24/7/365 monitoring that delivers triggers and alerts to care teams when people have health status changes or events relating to new health concerns.

Unleashing the Power of Networks

Aligned and High-Performing Provider Networks That Work Together With One Goal In Mind…Creating a System That Never Stops Caring

Through value-based payment models, physician governance, practice transformation, and physician engagement, we empower physicians and other care providers to do their best work and enable them to care for the entire population.

We align and connect the disparate parts of healthcare to minimize complexity and maximize the benefit. We focus across the entire spectrum to connect every point of care, most importantly in-between care settings.

Pushing Payment Models Further

Whether you are entering new payment models, transforming payment models for providers, or maximizing exiting payment models, Navvis optimizes performance in value-based care.

(Medicare and Commercial)

Bundled Payments (Medicare and Commercial)

Managed Medicare

Managed Medicaid


Technology that Supports People and Processes

(Not the Other Way Around)

The industry’s most advanced and integrated technology platform for population health

Real Life.
Life Changing.
Changing Healthcare.

That's Navvis.

Real-Person Care: integrated and holistic, physician-engaged and person-centric

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