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At FLAACOs, Navvis and FMC Discuss the Future of Supporting Physicians in a Value-Based World

The 2020 FLACCOs virtual conference brought together national healthcare experts. Navvis Chairman and CEO, Mike Farris, joined FMC CEO, Joe Delatorre to discuss critical success factors for engaging and supporting physicians in value-based care.

Article December 17, 2020

At FLAACOs, Navvis and FMC Discuss the Future of Supporting Physicians in a Value-Based World

It’s the most engaging thing we have done at FMC with any partner in the history of the company. It’s that game changing.” 

Joe Delatorre, chairman and chief executive officer, Florida Medical Clinic

Dr. Stuart Baker, President Emeritus of Navvis, hosted an important discussion on the Navvis and Florida Medical Clinic (FMC) partnership. The companies’ joint venture, HealthSync West Florida, is focused on supporting physicians in a value-based world and expanding population health capabilities to providers across Florida.

In October 2020, HealthSync West Florida announced that the Florida Medical Clinic ACO achieved top-tier ACO performance. Their 2019 Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) ACO results include total savings of $10.25 million and a quality score of 98.5, one of the highest in Florida, and ranked in the top 6% nationwide out of 541 participating ACOs.

The following are some key takeaways from the panel (the full session video is below):

  • “Engaging and supporting physicians is a critical success factor in value-based care and population health. Value based care is about delivering measurably better outcomes – access, quality, service, and lower costs in healthcare populations.” — Dr. Stuart Baker, Navvis
  • “Rather than chasing the payment model of the day – physicians will succeed and thrive in a truly transformed care model that:
    • Benefits the patient,
    • Educates and develops the physicians themselves,
    • Includes a supportive ecosystem,
    • Embodies a strong and engaging culture, and
    • Rewards physicians.” – Dr. Stuart Baker, Navvis
  • “We are a 350+ provider organization throughout the greater Tampa area. In almost every aspect of the payer world, we are dealing with [value-based care] types of issues. You have to start with education of the provider. Education helps you align mindshare with the providers to move forward.” – Joe Delatorre, FMC
  • “At the end of the day, physicians truly enjoy practicing medicine in the way supported by value-based care. But they have to have a team around them. You have to build care coordinators and support personnel.” – Joe Delatorre, FMC
  • “If you do this right, physicians will practice at top of license and be really engaged. Doctors really recognize the value they can provide for their patients and if you can tie it to incentives and compensation then that’s the home run.” – Joe Delatorre, FMC
  • “We are in this to longitudinally change the trajectory of health for populations working under what we refer to as a model of density. Within in a defined geographic area, we want to impact a significant number of lives.” – Mike Farris, Navvis
  • The economic model of volume based care disintermediated the relationship that physicians want to have with patients. Physicians want to be able to ask the question “What matters to you?” – Mike Farris, Navvis
  • We are committed in doing the right thing, an economic approach, an ecosystem surrounding the physician, that empowers them, frees them up, and unlocks enormous value. That value is both quantifiable and qualitative value. We partnered with FMC, and formed HealthSync, for the purpose of supporting all of the things that physicians are addressing on any given day.” – Mike Farris, Navvis
  • “HealthSync is in the business of supporting doctors including practice optimization, providing data, and building an ecosystem. Every CEO or clinician has to think about risk. I see an opportunity to get even better at taking risk, using technology, redefining the processes and people, and all the things you do in your practice.” – Joe Delatorre, FMC
  • The economics of healthcare is not going away and it is a serious issue to this country. Value based care is the way of the future. If you are a leader, you have to do this. We have to lead through this process, as opposed to sitting back and wait to see what happens.” – Joe Delatorre, FMC
  • The value we are unlocking will get reinvested back into the system differently than it is today. When you give physicians the right information at the right time, we can unburden physicians. This will sustain their goals at a personal and professional level. The good that’s to come out of this is about caring for people and reducing the costs of doing so, everyone has a place to both survive and thrive in this environment. – Mike Farris, Navvis