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Patient Flow Optimization

All Flow,
No Friction.

Navvis presents a game-changing solution to tackle the increasing pressure from patient flow issues, leading to crowded EDs, avoidable readmissions, and extended hospital stays. Our comprehensive approach involves analyzing hospital data, processes, and stakeholder insights to develop targeted initiatives that maximize financial impact. We then partner with you to implement and integrate these solutions seamlessly.

Capacity Creation
Reducing excessive length of stay to open up beds for new admissions and specialty services.
Front Door Fix
Minimizing inappropriate ED visits and unnecessary admissions.
Back Door Optimization
Reducing long length of stay for patients awaiting placement in post-acute care or a safe recovery environment.
Financial Impact Projection
Identifying areas and magnitude of financial improvement for hospitals and value-based contracts.
Accelerated Implementation
Leveraging Navvis partnership to accelerate and sustain improvements.

Breakthrough Results

Total Days
Discharge to
SNF LOS Reduction:
1.61 days
Discharge to Home Health
LOS Reduction:
0.89 days
Long-term acute care hospital ACO spend
decreased by 58%
Number of SNF episodes from 2022 to 2023
decreased by 18%
SNF LOS reduced by
2.3 days
ACO SNF readmission to hospital
decreased 8%

Tina Pike
Senior Vice President, Throughput
Client Partner Operations

Kasey Montgomery
Vice President, Value-Based Care
Operations – Post Acute