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A Complete, Integrated,
& Holistic Solution
for all.

Mover. Maker.
Boundary Breaker.

Navvis defines, launches, and manages a comprehensive solution that delivers a holistic, patient-centric care model deeply aligned with physicians within each market. As an operating partner, our solution includes analytics, clinical programs, payment models, expert teams, and technology to support physicians. We support the complex healthcare needs of all patient populations—connecting each point of engagement across the healthcare ecosystem.

  • Data warehouse
  • Quality assurance
  • Attribution
  • Cohort management
  • Performance management
  • Reporting
  • Physician governance
  • Leadership
  • Compensation
  • Clinically integrated networks
  • Clinical lines of service strategies
Post-Acute and
Care at Home
  • Network development
  • Network management
Population Health
  • Programs and interventions
  • Processes and workflows
  • Staffing and staffing strategies for care management
  • Learning and development
  • Analytics
  • Cohort development and management
  • Reporting
  • Patient engagement and communication
Physician Training
and Education
  • Early disease recognition
  • Innovative payment models
  • Care management and clinical staff training program

Empowering Our Partners

We partner with health systems, physician enterprises, and health plans, bringing proven strategies, solutions, and services to accelerate the transformation to and performance in value-based care.

Increase the number of physicians in risk-based contracts
Establish physicians as the voice of the practice and influencers
within the system
Improve clinical and quality outcomes for patients
Improve performance across all populations in value-based contracts
Optimize physician group workflows and processes
Support patients across the
care continuum
Align physicians to contract execution and performance
Provide actionable analytics to support value-based care delivery
Align health plans and providers in contract risk and performance

Unique Market Approach

Miles Snowden, MD

Chief Growth Officer

Tailored to local market dynamics
Serves all payers, providers, payment models, and populations
Supports value- and volume-based initiatives
Drives client success in value-based care and risk
Delivers a physician-led care model

Dream On

At Navvis, we like to dream big. In our world, we see a healthcare system that is connected across all points of care. We continue to invest in innovation and expand our solution and capabilities across the entire healthcare spectrum.

Stuart Baker, MD
Chief Physician Executive & President Emeritus

Mandy Mangat, MD, MPH
Chief Clinical
Transformation Officer