Navvis is a Real-Person Care company with a transformative approach to population health.

Our groundbreaking approach responds to how people really live their lives, day in and day out. Navvis Real-Person Care is integrated and holistic, physician-led and person-centered. Our entire approach begins with asking people a simple question that no one else is asking: Not, ‘what’s the matter with you?’ but, ‘what matters to you?’

Navvis delivers seamless, high-performing and aligned provider networks, care coordination, and value-based care models.

We partner with health plans, health systems, providers and employers to eliminate the barriers, boundaries, and siloed efforts that fragment care. We help our clients move from a system that is complicated and frustrating to one that is centered on people’s real-life needs.

Real life.
Life changing.
Changing healthcare.

That’s Navvis.

Creating True Health Prosperity

The U.S. health care system is sick.
It suffers from a lack of cohesion, connection, continuity, convenience, affordability, kindness and commitment to patients. And despite all the attention paid, resources applied and money invested, it’s not getting better. In fact, piecemeal efforts at transformation have further emphasized just how discordant and fragmented it is.

The result?
A health care depression that puts our ability to prosper as individuals, as families, and as a nation at risk. That’s about to change. At Navvis, we believe people deserve better. So we’ve developed a better, more holistic idea. And we’ve launched a better, more relevant health-care solution with better, more life-enhancing results that can lift us all to where we need to be: health prosperity.

Mandy Mangat, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer

Our Unique Approach to Partnership


Creating the strategy and plan


Building and implementing


Ongoing management and continuous improvement

A Value Breakthrough, Not a Value Prop

Navvis Real-Person Care is transformative because it leads to sustainable and scalable health prosperity across the ecosystem:
For providers:

efficiency and support

For people:

a convenient, humane, connected, and all-encompassing experience

For health systems and health plans:

clinical and operational performance, market leadership, and community impact

For employers:

cost control and productivity

Real Life.
Life Changing.
Changing Healthcare.

That's Navvis.

Real-Person Care: integrated and holistic, physician-engaged and person-centric

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