About Us

At Navvis we all come to work with one thing in mind. How can we take the good healthcare that we have and turn it into the great healthcare we all deserve?

There is nothing that gets us more excited than tackling big and complicated problems like this. It’s core to our DNA. After working with healthcare leaders for more than 20 years, we have learned that the real underlying problem they face is growth and diversification. The opportunities to solve this problem are often hidden because of a paradox they live with, choosing between volume-based growth or value-based performance. Many believe they must make a choice between volume OR value to be successful.


We are focused on solving the growth and diversification issues of healthcare organizations. Our approach is totally different in that it enables you to achieve volume-based growth AND value-based performance, giving you economic strength to drive transformation to greatness within your organization. We combine the right strategy with operational excellence, supported by an integrated technology platform, to create a Growth Services Organization. We bring relevant strategies to life to impact your mission, margin, and market. We deliver on uniquely deployed payment models, care delivery transformation, and physician alignment. We understand that every organization and market is unique, and have worked with leading organizations like Texas Health Resources, Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, OSF, and HMSA. We stand with you, manage it all, guarantee success, and help you deliver on the promise of making good healthcare GREAT HEALTHCARE. You can grow volume, you can transform, and you can thrive in the marketplace.

We can’t afford good healthcare anymore, let’s make it great.

Our Ideology

With all of the noise in the marketplace today, how can you focus on what’s most important and what will deliver the results you need today? We have been very intentional to develop our core ideology that governs how we think, how we treat each other, and how we help clients. It is core to our values. Our ideology enables us to find better solutions to the problem of growth and diversification.

Our Leadership