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Not All Jobs Are Created Equal

We are inspired by people who are not afraid to venture into the unknown.
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If you are looking for an experience like no other. One that will challenge you, help you grow, require hard work, dedication, compassion, and commitment...

Then we have the job for you.

Then we have the job for you.


Transforming health in the U.S., Navvis is creating a tipping point by

improving the health of 20 million people



Be Considerate


Be Uncompromising


Be Real


Be Reliable


Be Caring


We will connect all the disparate parts of healthcare, minimizing complexity and maximizing benefit.

We will invest in programs that will empower and enable people to live their best lives.

We will empower physicians and other care providers to do their best work.

We will put people at the center of care.

We will address the needs of the whole person, including emotional and social.

We will make sure you are not alone in this journey, with support 24/7/365.

We will deliver a system in which everyone is included and care never stops.

We will be the model of what great care looks like across America.

Navvis is committed to attracting insightful and motivated new colleagues by providing an experience that you won't find elsewhere!

We strive to ensure that all colleagues have everything needed to be successful, from a competitive total rewards strategy, to volunteering and social activities, to challenging each person to expand their thinking and career experiences.
Navvis offers a competitive benefits package including, but not limited to, medical, dental, vision, 401K with a safe harbor contribution, a paid time off plan (starting at three weeks), and cell phone reimbursement.


Department Openings


Our Administration team is key in the success of our organization.  Behind the scenes, they are working to ensure things are happening at the right time, with the right people, at the right cadence.  When it comes to this group, the best way to describe them is that they are the straw that stirs the drinks.  Supporting a variety of leaders in the organization, the Administration group collaborates as a team to help drive the business forward. Their ability to build relationships, meet deadlines, and resolve problems with poise and polish is what sets the Administration team at Navvis apart from other organizations.

Market Partnerships

The Market Partnerships team encompasses all facets of our client partnership delivery, including our work with physicians and practices across the country. Our team supports the implementation and ongoing operation of Navvis’ solution. We collaborate across all Navvis departments to ensure our customers have a best-in-class experience.  We create and nourish relationships with our customer partners (from the C-suite to the operational level). We are at the tip of the spear working with physicians, our partner customers, and other market stakeholders to drive transformation and improve performance and experience.


MEDI Leadership, a service of Navvis, is the catalyst for accelerating the development of exceptional leaders, teams, and results. We empower executive and physician leaders to drive meaningful transformation and improve performance throughout their organizations. MEDI Leadership coaches are known and respected industry experts with a unique blend of healthcare leadership and coaching experience. It always comes down to the people, and this is where MEDI Leadership executive coaches truly stand out.


The Navvis Hawaii Team is a unique group of dynamic, smart, dedicated, caring people who are 100% committed to empowering, supporting, and leading our partners in their journey towards a healthier Hawaii. We build, implement, and manage the Navvis solution to improve the health of Hawaiians by working closely with payers, health systems, physician organizations, physician practices, technology partners, service providers, and community organizations. We are enthusiastic trail-blazers, creative problem-solvers, motivated leaders and open-minded, passionate team players. We embrace great responsibility in helping our healthcare partners advance the health of the people of Hawaii.

Data Management and Analytics

The successful delivery of the Navvis Solution is deeply rooted in cutting-edge analytics. Navvis has assembled a team of experienced and passionate healthcare analysts and data scientists who work across the organization to identify opportunities to facilitate better health amongst the people we serve. We demonstrate our capabilities to prospective partners with our Business Development team, establish ROI targets with our Finance team, design data models with our IT team, measure productivity and efficiency for our Operations team, and predict adverse events through dynamic observation to enable our Clinical teams to proactively engage the patients who need us most. Our mission is to innovate, enlighten, and most importantly, make a difference.

Solution Learning and Development

Delivering a patient-centric, physician-led healthcare ecosystem requires a new approach to how we engage with and support people across the continuum. The Navvis Solution Learning and Development team empowers clinical care teams, both internal and external, to deliver a transformational healthcare experience that is focused on what matters most to each person. Our team develops and delivers a world-class training curriculum that aligns processes, people, and technology to work closely together on behalf of each person, supported by the Navvis Solution. Our team is constantly working to deliver adult learning in an engaging and exciting manner, helping establish a new bar for training in the healthcare industry that is unmatched.

Client Operations

The Client Operations team at Navvis connects with people with a wide range of health needs to make a positive difference in their lives. We intimately engage with people, their family members, physicians, and care teams to uncover what matters most to each person, and to connect people with a healthcare experience that is person-centric and holistic. Client Operations at Navvis is at the heart of the Navvis Solution and the Coreo Care Command Center, and works closely with all teams to deliver our solution to health plan, health system, hospital, and employer populations. Our team is passionate, high-performing, and completely focused on operating a transformational healthcare ecosystem.


The Navvis Marketing team is focused on understanding the pulse of Real-Person Care, and the drivers of strong and successful engagement that ensure care that is focused on what matters most to each person. Our team leads all facets of marketing across Navvis, from content development, to social media, to PR, to direct campaigns that our client partners use to effectively engage with their physicians and populations. Each team member brings unique expertise, and the willingness to work in a highly-collaborative manner to ensure the successful delivery of each project. Working across the enterprise, we connect processes, people, networks, engagement, payment models, and technology to bring the experiences of real people to life.


Technology is a foundational pillar for Navvis and our approach. The Information Technology (IT) team develops, deploys, and manages world-class technology solutions for Navvis, our clients, providers, care teams, and individuals across the country. Navvis IT is focused on the day-to-day management of our technology solutions, delivering technology strategies that uniquely offer best-in-class capabilities while allowing clients to integrate their existing technologies. We have the pulse of the organization, and work across all Navvis departments and levels, as well as directly with our client partners. We are customer-service focused, and driven to exceed the expectations of all of our stakeholders. At the same time, we foster creative, out-of-the-box thinking to ensure the delivery of world-class technology across everything Navvis does.

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