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Tufts Medicine and Navvis appear HealthBiz Podcast with David Williams

Strategic partnerships and collaboration between payers and providers are crucial in accelerating the shift to value-based care. Emily and Courtney explore the intricacies of this journey, emphasizing the necessity for clinical and payment transformations to work in tandem. The discussion highlights how organizations like Tufts leverage market dynamics and strategic relationships to advance in value-based care, painting a vivid picture of a healthcare system poised for long-term, meaningful improvements.

MedCity Moves Podcast Interviews Courtney Fortner

During the May edition, Senior Reporter Katie Adams chats with Courtney Fortner, who recently became CEO of Navvis to learn more about Fortner’s career journey and hear why she thinks value-based care is the future.

New ACO REACH Model with Sheila Fuse

Navvis experts discuss recent changes to the Direct Contracting model and what you need to do to prepare for changes in the next few years.