Transformation in Hawaii

Navvis has partnered with a large health plan in Hawaii to build a sustainable community health system that unifies stakeholders, including consumers, providers, and employers. Together, we deliver a real-person healthcare ecosystem that focuses on what matters most to each individual.

Paradise Meets Complex

A Healthcare Ecosystem Where All Stakeholders are Interdependent on Each Other

... and we are doing this in one of the most complex and unique healthcare systems in the nation.


8 islands, large distances, challenging topography, and remote populations


Limited, essential facilities and provider networks that cannot be disintermediated


A large independent physician population coupled with ongoing physician shortages


Unique cultural nuances and social dynamics

Transforming Where it Matters

Data-Driven, Physician-Led, Patient-Centric

Patient-centric, physician-led care, informed by up-to-date data from claims, and clinical, wellness, and community sources

Focused on Flawless Execution

Operationally delivered through integrated people, processes, and technology

Supporting All Care Settings

Care across the entire continuum, including pre-acute, acute, post-acute, and community settings, that create high-performing networks

Payment Transformation

Partnering with Primary Care Physicians Across Hawaii

Leveraging Value-Based Payment Models as an Essential Building Block for a Connected Healthcare System

Eliminating volume-based incentives

Focusing on meaningful access, quality, and cost metrics

Leveraging behavioral economics


Deploying a comprehensive care model

Providing a holistic, connected, accessible healthcare ecosystem and community services


Empowering and enabling consumers and providers

Enhancing consumer experience

Engaging employers

Powerful Performance, Near Real-Time Data, Changing Every Interaction

Compassionate and Connected Care Coordination

social determinants of health

and supporting the real-life challenges people face

a seamless experience

High-Performing Networks

Connecting Physicians Across the Continuum

Post-Acute Care
Post-Acute Care

Managing a “post-acute collaborative” to align providers and facilities for cost-efficient, high-quality care from acute care settings to home

Physician Governance
Physician Governance

Engaging physicians in leadership, promoting education and support, aligning care models, and streamlining population health data and insights through our Coreo technology platform

Primary and Specialty Care
Primary and Specialty Care

Leading a high-performing physician organization model for primary and specialty care across the islands

Impactful Community Care

Impacting Social Determinants Starts by Connecting and Organizing the Community

Addressing physical, social, and emotional needs for all individuals in the community

Connecting the power of an integrated care model into the community

Working hands-on with community leaders and organizations to improve healthcare delivery


We are working closely with Hilo community leaders to:

Align care and services to address social determinants

Connect payment models to support care coordination and engagement

Engage community service organizations

Develop a community action network to bring the communities together

Real Life.
Life Changing.
Changing Healthcare.

That's Navvis.

Real-Person Care: integrated and holistic, physician-engaged and person-centric

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