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Mike Farris

Chairman and CEO
Navvis and Surround Care

With more than 25 years of executive leadership experience, Mike is a driving force in the success of healthcare organizations across the country. A visionary leader focused on returning healthcare to a growth industry, Mike sees the opportunity in healthcare to meet the real needs of people across the care continuum, while also enabling healthcare organizations to achieve prosperity.

As our CEO, Mike’s vision fuels Navvis in solving the biggest challenges in healthcare today. With extensive experience in payment models, care delivery systems, and physician alignment strategies, Mike instinctively connects the broken factions of the healthcare system to best support real-person care and to unlock value in ways that health plans, hospitals, and health systems never thought possible.

Prior to his current role at Navvis, Mike served as Chief Commercial Officer and President, North America, of Healthways, Inc., leading strategy, marketing, operations, and business development. Mike joined Healthways following its strategic 2011 acquisition of Navvis & Company, which he founded in 2004. Prior to Healthways and Navvis & Company, Mike was founder, President, and CEO of The Farris Group; President and CEO of LaserSight Incorporated (which acquired The Farris Group in 1994); and President of MEC Health Care, Inc., a subsidiary of LaserSight.

Mike is an entrepreneur, innovator, and executive leader. A skilled executive coach, Mike’s expertise is sought and valued by clients nationwide. Over the past three decades, Mike has demonstrated a unique ability to advance organizations and unlock new value sources through strategy, leadership, and operational excellence.