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Letter From Our Chairman

Dear Friends,

Eight years ago, we embarked on a mission to transform healthcare for the better—for our country, those we serve, our loved ones, and ourselves.  We wanted to do something that would have a real, lasting impact on people and on a system that was in desperate need of re-invention—not through the pursuit of creating a “product” for commercial success, but by understanding local market dynamics and then bringing together health plans, providers, health systems, and employers to carefully rebuild care models, networks, and payment structures from the ground up.

We quickly realized that if we were going to create real change, we had to close the gap between clinicians, who truly have the knowledge of how to transform healthcare but don’t have the time; and those innovators who have the time to create change but don’t have enough knowledge at the point of care.  Today, our holding company, Surround Care, provides a platform that aligns health systems and physician enterprises with cutting-edge solutions around shared values of purpose, performance, innovation, growth, and ownership. We know authentic change is clinician-led and happens from the inside out.

After decades of industry players making investments that chase point solutions, the crisis of affordability and unequal access continues escalating at alarming rates. Surround Care and its partners rise to meet these defining challenges, striving to build sustainable models through clinician-focused collaboration with patients at the center. We are proud to be in 11 markets across the U.S., managing care for over 3 million people and aiming to restore humanity to healthcare, empower physicians, and make quality care affordable and accessible for all.

The path ahead remains daunting but bright. Despite the obstacles, a better, more equitable system centered on patients is possible through inspired partnerships and solutions. We consider serving our colleagues and communities on this journey a privilege. I welcome you to learn more about our family of companies and vision.

With a spirit of collaboration and commitment to doing right by clinicians and patients alike, I am confident in the positive impact we can make. The time for change is now.

In health and partnership,

Mike Farris
Surround Care