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Tufts Medicine and Navvis Partner to Accelerate Value-Based Care

Together, the companies are creating better experiences for patients and physicians, improving affordability, quality, access, and experience

Press Release April 24, 2024

Tufts Medicine and Navvis Partner to Accelerate Value-Based Care

Burlington, Massachusetts and St. Louis, Missouri, April 24, 2024 – Tufts Medicine, a leading integrated health system in Massachusetts, and Navvis, a leading population health company, today announced an exclusive partnership, driving a transformative shift in healthcare delivery through the acceleration of value-based care. This initiative is a major step in addressing critical challenges in healthcare today, prioritizing patient care, addressing physician burnout, and maintaining cost savings by integrating care delivery across all settings.

Tufts Medicine brings more than 250 years of innovative care delivery and proven success managing risk-based contracts across Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial populations. Its strategic partnership with Navvis elevates and scales value-based capabilities across its system, which includes an academic medical center, three community hospitals, a care at home organization, and a network of more than 2,300 physicians in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. This model represents an increased clinical focus on patient outcomes and efficiencies. Contrasting traditional fee-for-service models, which often prioritize quantity over quality of care, value-based care aligns physician incentives with patient health outcomes, enhancing the quality of healthcare services while controlling costs.

“Investing in the future of healthcare and in our communities has never been more important, and we have a profound obligation to address systemic challenges facing our care teams and ultimately our patients,” said Michael Dandorph, chief executive officer at Tufts Medicine. “Our goal in partnership with Navvis is to address the current fragmented and high-cost market and find new ways to deliver a more seamless and cost-effective standard of care. This isn’t just about evolving business models; it’s about fundamentally transforming all aspects of how we deliver care.”

The partnership is underpinned by several strategic initiatives, including changes to care models, workflows, and staffing approaches, state-of-the-art IT solutions and payer strategies, all designed to achieve efficiency and improvements in patient care. Each element of this collaboration is designed to drive a more efficient, equitable, and patient-centric care model by:

  • Restoring joy in the practice of medicine by providing physicians and care teams the right support;
  • Accelerating growth through risk management for a sustainable financial model;
  • Ensuring equity in healthcare access for all patients in Massachusetts; and
  • Creating collaboration and partnerships with clinicians, payers, and employers.

“In an environment shifting from volume to value, high-performance health systems recognize that the incentives driving healthcare must change,” said Mike Farris, chairman and chief executive officer of Navvis. “Our partnership with Tufts Medicine is a bold move toward redefining healthcare, where a value-based approach to care is the new expectation of how all care should be delivered. We’re uniting to demonstrate that the best way to grow is by delivering quality care that’s accessible, affordable, and patient-centric.”

By partnering with Navvis, Tufts Medicine joins an innovative group of healthcare organizations that are currently transforming care for more than 3 million people in 11 markets across the U.S., with proven solutions and contemporary models of care. This approach demonstrates how strategic partnerships and value-based models yield tangible improvements in patient care and system efficiencies.

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About Tufts Medicine

Tufts Medicine brings together the best of academic and community medicine to deliver exceptional, connected and accessible care. Comprised of Tufts Medical Center, the principal teaching hospital of Tufts University and the Tufts University School of Medicine, Lowell General Hospital, MelroseWakefield Hospital, Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford, Care at Home, and an integrated network of 2,300 physicians, we treat the most complex conditions, keep our communities healthy and bring research breakthroughs to life.


About Navvis

Navvis is the leading population health company, driving performance in value-based care. As an operating partner to some of the country’s most innovative health systems, physician enterprises, and health plans, we provide solutions that accelerate the journey to value-based care. Our approach is market-based – we respect the unique needs of populations in each community, including access to care, culture, values, and capabilities. Together with our partners, we set a new national standard in healthcare performance that delivers the affordability, quality, access, and experience that all patients deserve.



Susan Frankle, Navvis, [email protected]   

Jules Slater, Tufts Medicine,   [email protected]