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Thomas Jefferson University and Navvis Establish the Nation’s First Nationally-Focused Professorship in Population Health

  Link to Full Press Release   Philadelphia, PA and St. Louis, MO, June 25, 2018 – Navvis and Thomas Jefferson University’s College of Population… Read more »

Press Release June 25, 2018

Thomas Jefferson University and Navvis Establish the Nation’s First Nationally-Focused Professorship in Population Health


Link to Full Press Release


Philadelphia, PA and St. Louis, MO, June 25, 2018 – Navvis and Thomas Jefferson University’s College of Population Health today announced the country’s first private sector-supported academic chair in population health – The Navvis Professorship of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University.The Professorship will focus on identifying methods and best practices to create systemic, effective and scalable improvements in health.

The endowment of $2 million, funded by Navvis, a population health company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, will support the work of a dedicated faculty member at the Jefferson College of Population Health. The academic research will be national in scope, with the goal of improving intervention effectiveness in real-world applications.

The Professorship represents an important shift in thinking regarding ways to improve health and reduce healthcare costs. The academic research supported by the endowment will build on and extend a robust foundation of evidence to improve the quality and patient-centeredness of healthcare delivery while engaging all the relevant stakeholders to make it easier for people to actively participate in their health and healthcare decisions. The academic research will explore critical population health topics such as:

  • Social determinants of health,
  • Physician and patient engagement, including shared decision making
  • Person-centric care,
  • Provider network alignment, and
  • Payment transformation strategies.

“Understanding population health is key in reimagining the future of healthcare delivery in America, and with this gift Navvis is helping drive that vision,” said Dr. Stephen K. Klasko, President and CEO, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. “Endowed professorships keep us on the frontiers of research and are a springboard into the future of discovery.”

“Establishing an endowed professorship devoted to the health and wellbeing of whole communities is an invaluable investment in humanity,” added Dr. David B. Nash, Dean, Jefferson College of Population Health. “This professorship, the first collaboration of its kind between an academic entity and a private sector company, demonstrates a commitment to translating the scientific method into real-world practice. We are grateful for the support that will ultimately empower people to take charge of their health through research, education, and programs.”

The Navvis Professorship of Population Health is one component of a broader partnership between Navvis and Thomas Jefferson University. The two entities will conduct primary research with healthcare executives at health plans and health systems to uncover new insights regarding their population health initiatives and challenges.

“Along with our academic and primary research with our partners at Jefferson, we are building ecosystems that break down silos and provide care for the real-world healthcare needs of people,” said Mike Farris, Chairman and CEO, Navvis. “The Navvis Professorship of Population Health represents our commitment to life-changing healthcare – improving the everyday interactions that people have with their health.”

For more information about the The Navvis Professorship of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University, please visit:




About Navvis

Navvis is a Real-Person Care company with a transformative approach to population health. Our groundbreaking approach responds to how people really live their lives, day in and day out. Navvis Real-Person Care is integrated and holistic, physician-led and person-centered. Our entire approach begins with asking people a simple question that no one else is asking: Not, ‘what’s the matter withyou?’ but, ‘what matters toyou?’

Navvis delivers seamless, high-performing and aligned provider networks, care coordination, and value-based care models.

We partner with health plans, health systems, providers and employers to eliminate the barriers, boundaries and siloed efforts that fragment care. We help our clients move from a system that is complicated and frustrating to one that is centered on people’s real-life needs.

Real life. Life changing. Changing healthcare. That’s Navvis.

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About Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)

Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) is a leader in transdisciplinary professional education. Jefferson, home of the Sidney Kimmel Medical College and the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce, is a national professional university delivering high-impact education in 160 undergraduate and graduate programs to 7,800 students in architecture, business, design, engineering, fashion, health, medicine, science and textiles. The new Jefferson is redefining the higher education value proposition with an approach that is collaborative and active; increasingly global; integrated with industry; focused on research across disciplines to foster innovation and discovery; and technology-enhanced.

Learn more at: www.jefferson.edu


About the Jefferson College of Population Health

Established in 2008, JCPHis part of Jefferson University (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University), a leader in interdisciplinary, hands-on, professional education, and home of the Sidney Kimmel Medical College. JCPH is dedicated to exploring the policies and forces that define the health and well-being of populations. Its mission is to prepare leaders with global vision to examine the social determinants of health and to evaluate, develop and implement health policies and systems that will improve the health of populations and thereby enhance the quality of life.JCPH provides exemplary graduate academic programming in population health, public health, health policy, healthcare quality and safety, and applied health economics and outcomes research. Its educational offerings are enhanced by research, publications and continuing education and professional development offerings in these areas.

Learn more at: www.jefferson.edu/populationhealth



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